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The Be Heard Project is a voice for the persecuted Church. Through law, public policy, and grassroots action, we amplify your voice to demand that world governments respect the most basic human rights and human dignity of persecuted believers. Join with us today and Be Heard.

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Court Upholds Conviction of Man Who Raped a Christian Girl in...

Jun. 06Justice Affirmed: Appellate Court...

Four years ago, we told you about a case we won in Pakistan when a trial court sentenced a Muslim man to 25 years in prison for raping a three-year-old Christian girl. The man appealed the conviction. Four years later, we have secured a victory at the appellate court, ensuring the perpetrator will not walk free to harm any other little girls. The...More

Biden Team Focused on Woke Agenda, Not the Deaths of Christians

May. 19POMPEO: New Emails Show Biden Team...

Pakistani Girl Pleads for “Papa and Jesus Papa” After Kidnapping

May. 18Little Pakistani Girl Pleads To...

Pakistani Court Upholds Life Sentence of Man Who Raped a Minor...

May. 08Pakistani Court Upholds Life...



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Suffering Women and Christians in Iran

Suffering Women and Christians in...

On September 6, 2022, the world was shocked to learn that Iran's "Morality Police" had savagely beaten 22-year-old Mahsa Amini to death because they felt the defenseless young woman wasn't wearing her headscarf correctly. The Iranian people have bravely flooded the streets in over 80 cities and towns to protest the...More

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Save Christian Ayub Brothers

Save Christian Ayub Brothers

Save Christians in Afghanistan

Save Christians in Afghanistan

Christians Worldwide Face Targeted Violence and Abuse

Persecuted Christians Worldwide

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Iraqi Christians

Christians Face Genocide in Iraq

Brutal jihadists have given Iraq's Christians an ultimatum, "Convert, Leave, or Die." Tens of thousands of Christians are on the run, Christian children have been beheaded, and crucifixions have returned to the Middle East. America must stop the genocide of Christians in Iraq.

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JUN // 2023

ACLJ Files U.N. Submission Demanding Immediate Appointment of...

ACLJ.org  //

Jun 06, 2018

There remains a mass humanitarian crisis in the Middle East where Christians have been terrorized, attacked, and brutally murdered in an atrocious genocide. We’re taking action. Christians have been forced...

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ACLJ to U.N. Secretary-General: Take Swift Action to Implement Key...

ACLJ.org  //

Apr 03, 2018

As we have previously told you , your voice was essential in the passage of U.N. Security Council Resolution 2379. This resolution is a vital step in providing the relief that Christians and other religious...

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Delivering Aid to Christians Facing Genocide in Iraq

Jordan Sekulow  //

Jan 23, 2018

It may be the biggest step forward in our genocide campaign since the U.S. officially recognized the “ genocide against . . . Christians .” The U.S. government has just secured a major concession from the U.N.

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